Traverse Soil and Water Conservation District


Tree Shelters

Details and Pricing

  5' vented tree tubes = $3.55       5' regular tree tubes = $3.35

4' vented tree tubes = $3.05       4' regular tree tubes = $2.60

2.5' shrub tubes = $3.40       

Discounts are available based on order quantity.


We will ship to Spee-Dee Delivery areas in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois.

Please call and talk to Bruce Johnson for a quote or more information. 


Traverse SWCD stocks Vigilis brand brand tubes in various sizes.

Click to learn more about about VIGILIS tree shelters.





Traverse SWCD - 304 4th St N, Wheaton, MN 56296 - 320-563-8218 ext 3